T Shirts & Hoodies

We have a number of uniform items for sale: T-shirts (Red, Blue, Navy and Green), Fleece (Red) and book bags.

Tshirts are available in ages 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5

The fleece is available in XXS (age 3-4) and XS (age 4-5)

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Each week we will be asking the children each week to choose a book to take home and share with their parents. In each book bag there will be a children’s reading record book for you to write in if you would like to.

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Please remember that the nursery has a nut free policy to safeguard children with allergies. Nut products should not be bought into nursery including peanut butter, Nutella etc. and we would ask that you ensure lunch boxes are nut free please. We also try to promote healthy eating in the nursery so please could lunches be balanced and ‘treats’ (such as sweets and chocolate) be kept to a minimum. We have some good books in the nursery with ideas for healthy lunches and snacks so speak to a staff member if you would like to borrow these for new ideas. Please can we ask that all children’s bottles are named and taken home daily to ensure fresh water is available to the children.


If your child wears nappies or pull ups then please ensure you have supplies in the child’s bag. We do not have spares at nursery and this will cause problems if a change is required. Please also ensure there are wipes available too. The Nursery staff are happy to support the children in potty/toilet training but please can parents provide a plentiful supply of spare clothes!


We ask that all children have at least one change of clothes available at Nursery every day. We have very limited spare clothes available at the nursery.
We would very much like to encourage the children to be independent dressers so clothes and shoes that are easy to use such as shoes with Velcro would be preferable. Fully laced shoes are difficult to manage.


We ask that children do not wear jewellery to nursery if possible. If your child has pierced ears can we ask that they only wear small studs to reduce the risk of injury. Can children also not wear belts as they can sometimes be unable to undo these themselves for toileting, leading to accidents!


Please provide a sun hat for your child to wear at nursery, as again we only have a limited number available. If you have not given permission for your child to have the Nursery sun cream applied then please supply some of your own for application before outdoor play.


Please ensure your child has a pair of wellies for outside play as we encourage the children to play outside in all weathers, provided they have suitable clothing.  Also if your child wears wellies to school, please ensure they have a spare pair of shoes to change into as we cannot let them play in the classroom in their muddy boots.


At the end of the morning session the staff need to start their lunch breaks but they cannot do that if children have not been collected on time. Please can we ask that you are prompt to pick up your child and should there be a reason you are going to be late, you phone the nursery to let the girls know asap. As per our policy we can charge for lateness.


“I like nursery because I love playing in the sandpit and with my friends”


“I like nursery because I like colouring in”


“I like nursery because I like my teachers, I like my friends, I like to play with messy play and outside, I like to eat my packed lunch with my friends”